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20-25 October 2014


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Port Douglas, Queensland

MMND IPCT 2014 was another success story for CMRP in 2014 .

MMND and IPCT 2014  International Workshops had outstanding scientific and social programs.  Speakers from more than 20 countries presented their research in a field of radiation oncology physics and prostate cancer treatment using innovative radiation oncology modalities and quality assurance for them and related radiobiology aspects including nano particle science.

Members of outstanding MMND and IPCT International Faculty delivered  amazing talks led to comprehensive discussion , case studies at IPCT and finally were strong contribution to further  improvement of cancer treatment with innovative radiation therapy. We are very thankful to all speakers making workshops so successful.

Special thanks should go to Co-Chairs Dr Josh Yamada (MSKCC, NY), Prof Paulo Colautti (INFN-Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro, Italy) , A/Prof Michael Jackson (POWH) and Dr Joseph Bucci (St George CCC) , our generous sponsors and certainly to CMRP Local Organizing Committee, conference organiser Hot Event and staff of Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas resort making this conference outstanding.

We look forward to meeting all you at MMND IPCT 2016.

Professor Anatoly Rozenfeld,



The 2014 MMND and IPCT  workshops are biennial international workshops hosted by the Centre of Medical Radiation Physics.

The MMND workshop will focus on the current status of research and radiation detectors for mini, micro and nano-dosimetry in hadron therapy and space.  In particular radiation transport simulations on nano and micro scale and new radiation detection technologies for use in imaging,

X-ray and charged particle therapy will be discussed. The IPCT workshop will concentrate on progress in prostate cancer treatment, on radiation oncology modalities and advanced quality assurance for that. Experts in radiation physics, radiobiology and radiation detection technology as well as

clinicians, radiation oncologists and medical physicists will be stimulated by the workshop to develop new ideas for the improvement of  radiotherapy, space dosimetry and related instrumentation. The language of all presentations will be in English and there will be many opportunities for informal discussions during the workshops.

Port Douglas, Queensland

Port Douglas is just an hour’s drive north from Cairns via a spectacular coastal road that is surrounded by forest and the Coral Sea.

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Sheraton Mirage

Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas Resort is perfectly poised on Four Mile Beach and nestled within 130 hectares of lush tropical gardens between the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest.

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Discover the breathtaking northern tropics of Australia through pristine Daintree Rainforest walks and safaris, diving and snorkelling the reef and sailing the waterways.

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20-23 October 2014
  • Theoretical and experimental micro- and nano-dosimetry
  • Radiobiological models in hadron therapy
  • Radiation detectors for mini- micro- and nano-dosimetry
  • Nanoparticles in radiation therapy
  • Radiation detection technology for dosimetry and imaging
  • Radiation transport simulation
  • Radiation damage in molecules
  • Synchrotron Microbeam Radiation Therapy
  • Space radiation dosimetry
  • ARDENT coordination meeting on progress and achievements


23 -25 October 2014
  • Advanced treatment of Prostate Cancer
  • Comparison:
  1. Brachytherapy
  3. Proton and Heavy Ion Therapy

Professor Anatoly Rozenfeld


Centre Medical Radiation Physics
University of Wollongong

Professor Paolo Colautti

Co-Chair | MMND

INFN-Laboratori Nazionali Di Legnaro | Legnaro-Padova, Italy

Dr Josh Yamada

Co-Chair | IPCT

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre | USA

Dr Joseph Bucci

Co-Chair | IPCT

St George CCC | Australia

Associate Professor Michael Jackson

Co-Chair | MMND

POWH | Australia

Professor Anatoly Rosenfeld

Dr Dean Cutajar 

Mr Jeremy Davis 

Ms Karen Ford

Dr Susanna Guatelli

Dr. Kosta Kostantinov

Associate Professor Michael Lerch

Ms Jayde Livingstone  

Prof Peter Metcalfe

Ms Sianne Oktaria

Dr Marco Petasecca

Dr Yujin Qi

Dr Mitra Safavi-Naeini

Dr. Moeava Tehei

Ms Linh Tran

Mr. Michael Weaver

Prof Stefano Agosteo (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

A/Prof Eva Bezak, (University of Adelaide, Australia)

A/Prof Martin Carolan (ICCC, Australia)

Dr Stephanie Corde-Tehei (POWH, Australia)

Prof John Dicello (Johns Hopkins University and Loma Linda University, USA)

Prof Dudley Goodhead (Medical Research Council, Harwell, UK)

Dr Susanna Guatelli (CMRP, Australia)

A/Prof Zdenka Kuncic (University of Sydney, Australia)

A/Prof Michael Lerch (CMRP, Australia)

Prof Naruhiro Matsufuji (National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Japan)

Prof Katia Parodi (Heidelberg Ion Therapy Centre, Germany)

Prof Stanislav Pospisil (IEAP, Czech Republic)

Dr Hans Rabus (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, PTB, Germany)

Dr Mark Reinhard (ANSTO, Lucas Heights Australia)

Prof Anatoly Rozenfeld (CMRP, Australia)

Dr Michael Sholtz (GSI, Germany)

Prof Reinhard Schulte (Loma Linda University, USA)

Dr Marco Silari (CERN, Switzerland)

Prof Andrey V Solov’yov (Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, Germany)

Dr Moeava Tehei (University of Wollongong, Australia)

Dr Taiga Yamaya (National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Japan)

Prof Marco Zaider (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA)

Prof Michael Barton (Ingham Institute, Australia)

Dr Joseph Bucci (St. George CCC, Australia)

Dr Dean Cutajar (CMRP, Australia)

Dr Vladimir Feygelman (Moffitt Cancer Center, USA)

A/Prof Michael Jackson (POWH, Australia)

Prof Paul Keall (University of Sydney, Australia)

Prof John Kearsley (St. George Hospital, Australia)

Prof Tomas Kron (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia)

Prof. Peter Metcalfe (CMRP, Australia)

Dr Carl Rossi (Scripps Proton Therapy Center, USA)

Prof Anatoly Rozenfeld (CMRP, Australia)

Prof David Thwaites (University of Sydney, Australia)

Prof Wolfgang Tome’ (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA)

Dr Hiroshi Tsuji (National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Japan)

Dr Josh Yamada (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA)

Prof Marco Zaider (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA)

  • Abstract submission deadline – 31st August 2014
  • Early bird registration deadline – 21st August 2014
  • On-site conference registration – 20th October 2014
  • Proceeding submission deadline – 21st December 2014
The deadline for submission of abstracts is the 31st August 2014.
Manuscripts of papers presented at the workshop can be submitted to Australasian Physical & Engineering Sciences in Medicine journal subject to normal peer review process.
Please visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for details.
To organise tours, contact travel consultant Yuri Cherniavsky |Phone number: +61 (0)2 82590000.
More information will be provided soon.
The preferred format for all presentations is oral, poster presentations can also be accepted. Contributed papers can be published in Australiasian Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine. A memory stick of the abstracts will be provided to all participants.
Please see our accommodation page for more information.
Travel Partners are our preferred provider.


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